Faceboard set up for students to share their research topics and find others writing similar papers.

For the past several years I have dedicated one of the white boards in my classroom as our class Faceboard. At the beginning of the year I download picture of each student from my schools’ attendance/grades program. I print these out digitally at our local drug store and then crop them to identical squares. I stick a strip of magnetic tape on the back of each and then put them all on the Faceboard. I then use the board to track student progress on big projects (they move their picture as they complete various phases), to schedule student conferences (I put a blank schedule up and students sign up by moving their picture to the time slot they want), have students express their opinion (yes-no spectrums, four corner opinion grids, or even simple written comments), or as a place for them to collaborate on group projects.

Despite the low-tech nature of Faceboard, students really dig it. They love the ironic connection to the social media site they live on and they are always eager to participate when we use it in class. One note of caution: some students really freak out about having their school picture posted for all to see. I allow them to bring in another picture of their choice and, as long as it is appropriate, crop it to size and replace the original picture.


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