Economic Integration in Our Schools

I have spent most of my career at IDEA Public Schools where I have had some really amazing colleagues, students and friends. At IDEA College Prep in Donna, Texas over 80% of students receive free or reduced-price lunch. I am committed to a career of serving low-income communities in South Texas but I always wondered what it might look like if there were more economic diversity among my students. At IDEA, 100% of our students have gone on to matriculate to a four-year university and I know many of them have struggled with the class differences between themselves and their peers – perhaps even more so than the racial differences.

My incredible sister-in-law, Sarah Garland, has written a really provocative and interesting article for The Atlantic  about the significance of increased economic integration in schools. It is well-worth the read!


One thought on “Economic Integration in Our Schools

  1. Katie says:

    So interesting that your sister wrote this article Abby! I read it a week ago, had no idea – very cool.

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