Keeping Up with Education News

In my first five years as a teacher I essentially did not read about education news, follow education policy issues or, let’s be honest, think beyond the four walls in my own classroom. Here are my personal go-to sources for the latest scoop on education issues:

  • Accomplished Teacher: This is a virtual news brief that gets delivered everyday via email. It is basically a compilation of articles from various websites, publications and blogs all dealing with education. I like Accomplished Teacher because I can skim this email and get the headlines and summaries of major/current education news.
  • The Huffington Post’s education page: A grab bag but easy and quick to read. I like the posts from actual teachers about education issues.
  • The New York Times education page: There are often interesting stories about education research and studies here – plus it’s the New York Times.
  • Education Week: I remember being told by a 20+ year veteran teacher that I had “a professional obligation” to read Education Week. I particularly like the Teacher page which highlights news for teachers. They also put out a nice newsletter that has article briefs for quick reading.

So I realize that is only 4 sources . . . but teachers are busy! Add to this NPR (on the ride to/from work), the McAllen Monitor, the New Yorker and Texas Monthly and you have pretty complete picture of my information sources.

Where do you get your ed news from?


3 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Education News

  1. ashanam says:

    I get a daily news update from NEA via email that offers fairly broad coverage. I also belong to a listserv of fairly politically aware teacher-librarians and that helps as well. I agree that it’s important to be aware of the issues, trends, and politics in our field.

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