How does your school district’s performance stack up?

The George W. Bush presidential library has an interesting (although, really over simplified) tool that enables you to compare average math and reading exam results for any public school district (both charter and traditional) with state, national and international figures (see above for an example of my hometown compared internationally). This tool is called “The Global Report Card” and is fun to play around with; but keep in mind that in addition to being a cool little application, the site is definitely promoting a pro-reform agenda.


One thought on “How does your school district’s performance stack up?

  1. Hee. Alaska’s is all jacked up; it confuses census areas with boroughs, and then calls them all “counties”, and the districts aren’t organized particularly coherently (in reality, some are linked to and/or located within particular municipalities and others aren’t). Nothing says “our data is accurate and represents a realistic picture of the situation on the ground” quite like getting basic geography and administrative relationships wrong. I mean, I know they’re just forcing the available info into a standardized dropdown menu, but somehow I feel like this works really well as a metaphor for the reform movement.

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