Trying to Keep Organized? WorkFlowy is Working for Me

I know I have sworn eternal love and devotion to my Moleskine planner (I’m not giving it up!) but I recently started using a really amazing list making organizational app called WorkFlowy. I think I’m in love . . . the creators of WorkFlowy use the description “Your brain on one page” and I actually think that’s pretty accurate. The program allows you to make lists and then file sub-items under each item. The design is sleek and simple and there are mobile apps for your smart phone that automatically sink with the website list. What I’m really loving is the ability to have all of my lists in stacks (or digital files? it’s a hard metaphor, you sort of have to see it) in one place.

This kind of one-stop-shop list making is particularly helpful for teachers who are constantly trying to keep several ideas, questions, tasks, meetings, etc. organized at the same time. I was thinking I could potentially create a list of class periods, input the names of my students and then keep quick notes or brief records about students all in one location. Check out the video and then give it a try!

If you already use WorkFlowy how do you like it? If you try it out, let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend y’all!


One thought on “Trying to Keep Organized? WorkFlowy is Working for Me

  1. Christine Roach says:

    recently discovered EverNote, which I wish I had known about as a team leader 😀

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