New Gallup Poll: “U.S. Teachers Love Their Lives, but Struggle”

Last week Gallup released a super interesting poll that looks at how people rate the quality of their lives, emotional health and workplace environment based on job type. I was unsurprised to see that, after doctors, us teachers love life more than anyone else.

Life Evaluation Index


AND we’re as emotionally healthy as forest rangers and famers and much more emotionally healthy than waiters and the sales clerk at Macy’s.

Emotional Health Index


But when we start talking about work place environment its a different story. This seems to be mainly because we don’t like our bosses:

Despite earning top marks in most areas of wellbeing, teachers’ answers to various questions about their workplace produces a 49.9 Work Environment Index score, which is eighth out of 14 occupation groups. The nation’s educators rank sixth in saying their “supervisor treats me more like a partner than a boss.” And they are dead-last –14th — in saying their “supervisor always creates an environment that is trusting and open.”


Work Environment Index Score


So colleagues, does the shoe fit? Do you love your life but feel dissatisfied with your work place environment?


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